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Yahoo! USA の フォーラム InlineNC に、ウィールをディスクブレーキのように挟んで回転を押さえる手動 Flex Brake のアイディアを開発者自身が書き込まれました。過去にも、様々なブレーキングシステムが考案されてきましたが、それぞれに長所、短所あり、まだまだ一般に普及するまでには至っていません。結局はシンプルなヒールブレーキが一番だったりするのかも。

Flex Brake

Hi North Carolina Skaters!

My name is Ben Wilson, and I am the inventor of a new inline skate brake. This is unique in that it works more like a bike brake. You can regulate your speed while you skate instead of have to lean back on your heels to stop.

Here's the link:

I've gotten a lot of response and great feedback. Just want to get my idea out there, and hopefully have a positive impact on a sport I love!


InlineNC :

How it works

Pull the cable as hard or as gentle as you desire and the brake pads flex to rub against the outside of all 4 wheels (on 5 wheeled skates only 4 wheels will be engaged by brake pads). It feels just like using brakes on a bicycle.

Depending on your preference, you can use the Flex Brake on just one skate or both. Installing it on both skates obviously provides greater stopping force. You have the option to apply the brake in a nice stable crouched position, or standing upright when you use the optional Flex Leash. Unlike all other braking methods for inline skating, the Flex Brake doesn’t require a particular stance.

How to install

To install the Flex Brake on your skates, you just remove your axles and install the Flex Brake pads on either side of the wheels between the bearings and the frame. Then reinsert the axles. Your uppermost ankle strap or lace slides through the Flex Brake pull-strap to secure it in place. It's that simple!

Flex Brake
Flex Brake.: