Workout Videos of the Inline Warehouse

画像そろそろ、滑る準備運動してもイイ頃でしょう。 商業ベースの Inline Warehouse ですが・・・YouTubeでオフスケートのエクササイズ動画を公開しています。 インストラクターは 「Skating across America with Kacie Fischer」 ご本人です。参考になると思います。

Inline Warehouse Workout Wednesday
Kacie Fischer, personal trainer and all around athlete, wants to keep you strong and in shape through inline skating and workout routines designed by Kacie herself. This is the first in a series of Wednesdays Workouts from Inline Warehouse.

Kacie Fischer's first full body workout routine consists of Lunges, Jump Squats, V Push Ups, Jump Roping and all you need for todays workout is a jump rope and nice pair of shoes.

This week's workout routine consists of Jump Roping, Burpees, Squat Jumps, V Push Ups, V Ups

This week Kacie has a workout routine that includes 4 rounds of Sprinting, Split Lunge Jumps, Reverse Crunches, and Plank Reaches

This week Kacie leads you through a work out consisting of Thrusters and Squat Jumps. For this workout all you need is a pair of a weights.

For this week's workout find something you can jump on for ten rounds of ten Box Jumps and ten Burpees

This week grab your jump rope and a bar for overhead squats as Kacie takes you through a workout using an interval timer for a routine based on timing.

This week it's all about the Abs. Kacie's ABdomination routine consists drills including the Butterfly, Reverse Crunches, and the Bicycle

This week Kacie has three different exercise starting with One Arm Snatch, followed by Reverse Lunges and finally Squat Jumps.

This week Kacie takes you through a workout that leaves no muscle behind! 4 Drills 5 Rounds 10 Reps each of Squat Holds, Squat Jumps, Break Dance Burpee Pushups, and Butterfly Abs.

This week Kacie takes you through a fast and furious workout which includes 10 rounds of Jumproping and Lazy Burpees.

This week Kacie works out your shoulders and legs with two exercises. 5 rounds of 1 min. Handstands followed by 20 Lunges.

Kacie Fischer has a crazy workout for you this week. 4 Rounds of 4 Drills, 10 Reps of Each of Plank Ups, Push Ups, Lazy Burpees, and Handstand Push Ups.

This week Kacie has 3 drills with 50 then 40 then 30, 20, and 10 reps each. We begin with Double Unders, then Squat Jumps and we end with Reverse Crunches.

This Wednesday Kacie has three drills, 5 rounds of 15 reps each. Starting with Walking Lunge, then Traveling Burpees and finishing with Box Jumps.

This week one exercise, 100 reps. 50 Burpees with lateral jump on the left side and 50 on the right side.

This week's workout is focusing on balance. Kacie takes you through three exercise that are aimed to get your hips, legs and core stronger with the goal of making you a better skater.

For this week, Kacie shows you how to workout with a partner and a couple great workouts for two people to keep you motivated and competitive.

This week Kacie, along with Jessica take you through 2 drills, 5 rounds of ten each.

Focusing on Ab Drills, Kacie and Jessica will demonstrate the Reverse Crunch, Heel Taps, and Plank Reaches. 100 of each!

Kacie and Jessica showcase two alternating workouts using diminishing repetitions - Squat Launchers and Push-Ups.

This Workout Wednesday focuses on stretching as Jessica explains and demonstrates proper stretches for legs, groin, and hamstrings.

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