Team EOSkates 2012

驚きのHot news、あの Yann Guyader が Best Carbon Fiber Frames の Team EOSkates に移籍。2012年は Elio Cuncu (IT), Giacomo Cuncu (IT), Julien Levrard (FRA), Nicolas Pelloquin (FRA) ら 5人編成の French-Italian Team EOSkates として活動するそうです。さらにコロンビアから Paola Serrano と Cecilia Baena Guyader も中南米で活動する Team EOSkates に加入。

The World Circuit welcomes the Team EOSkates 2012-2013

EOSkates, the French brand of carbon fiber frames just announced its new Elite team for the seasons 2012-2013. It is a French-Italian group that should take the start of the main competitions of the upcoming season, both on road and track.

Composition of the men's team
  • Elio Cuncu (IT)
  • Giacomo Cuncu (IT)
  • Yann Guyader (FRA)
  • Julien Levrard (FRA)
  • Nicolas Pelloquin (FRA)
The team is completed by two stars of Colombia, the junior Paola Serrano and Cecilia Baena Guyader. They will run primarily in Latin America.

The Ideeprint EOSkates women team won the team ranking of the World Inline Cup last year. It will also be strengthened and announced shortly.
EO Sktes: and The World Circuit welcomes the Team EOSkates 2012-2013 and Yann Guyader : Change of Course for 2012