Powerslide Virus 2012

Online Skating.com に来期 Powerslide Virus モデルが掲載されています。まだまだ Powerslide のチャレンジ精神は衰え知らずのようです。ただデザインが斬新過ぎて、ちょっとコメントできませんが、保守的なユーザーがコレについて来てくれるのか、気がかりではあります。

Powerslide finally a brand that dares to innovate! We must be admitted that few companies dare to really spend money in research and development in these times of lean ... So when one of them dares to do it on a sluggish market, we put it under the spotlights. Presentation of the Powerslide Virus line of products...



V Carbon Core

  • SHELL: 100% Carbon shell incl. padded carbon flap
  • BOOT LINER: Microfiber upper; 360° fast lacing with Atop II disc closure system; 3-D anatomical padding; Waterdrop Suprafiber™ lining
  • FRAME: Core Virus Pro incl. EVM custom set up; 13,2" 4x110mm; 7005 aluminium
  • WHEELS: Matter G13 F1 110mm
  • BEARINGS: Twincam ILQ 9 Pro
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