BONT Velocity Indoor Wheel

7月17日開催のUSAインドアナショナル大会で、BONT がインドアウィール販売するそうです。その外観は、どーみても Hyper Wheel のように思えるのは私だけでしょうか。

BONT Velocity Indoor Wheel

BONT Velocity Indoor WheelBont's first indoor wheel VELOCITY will be released at the US indoor nationals on July 17th.

Until now, we had no reason to produce an indoor wheel because no one wants the #2 wheel. It had to be #1 or nothing. For this project we teamed up with WRW to formulate a wheel that our team could stand behind and unashamedly say that this is the fastest indoor wheel ever made. Based on the feedback of Team Bont USA led by Justin Stelly, we used their feedback to stiffen the hub by lengthening the fiber strands by 30% and added Bont's Kinetic flexband for increased rebound. The result? Well… we'll let the wheel do the talking at nationals.

Bont Skates:

Inline Skating Notebook: Hyper Indoor G Series Wheels

Velocity wheel

White Speed
White Speed (100mm and 110mm)

Yellow Grip
Yellow Grip (100mm and 110mm)
Bearing size: 608
Price: @$17.00 @$19.88