Roller Sports of Asian Games Guangzhou 2010

アジアのオリンピック、The 16th Asian Games が11月12日から27日まで中国の Guangzhou で開催されます。日本からも多くの種目に大勢の選手が派遣されます。特に、今回から新種目としてローラースポーツが加わり、メダル獲得の期待できる篠塚奈知(スピード)選手、西木紳悟(アーティスティックスケート)選手の少数精鋭2名がチャレンジします。

2010 Guangzhou Asian Games Roller Sports

Roller Sports came from the ice skating. In 1863, New Yorker James Plimpton solved the problem of controlling skates, he used a rubber cushion to anchor the axles. Plimpton's design is considered the basis for the modern roller skate. From then on, roller sports have been wildly spreading all over the world. It's the first time that roller sports became a competition sport in Asian Games in Guangzhou Asian Games, 2010.

Roller sports include speed skating and artistic skating in Asian Games. The two categories are very popular. Speed skating is spectacular, fast and easy, only a road or a street and a pair of roller skates are needed. Artistic skating is a widely practiced sport which demands a careful balance of strength, precision and artistry.

The 16th Asian Games Guangzhou 2010

(Oct. 12, 2010)
The 16th Asian Games will get under way in just one months time and will bring together more than 11,000 athletes competing across 42 sports. Today also marks the start of the torch relay, which began in Beijing.

The torch was lit and the relay began at Beijing's spectacular Temple of Heaven, where emperors prayed for good fortune and harvests in ancient times.

16th Asian Games torch relay kicks off

President Hu Jintao and Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, President of the Olympic Council of Asia, were among the distinguished guests.

Officials expressed their best wishes.

Liu Peng, director-general of China State General Admin of Sports,said, "In one month's time, the 16th Asian Games will open in Guangzhou. This is another major international sport event held in China, after the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The Guangzhou Asian Games will be an occasion to showcase the sportsmanship of the Asian athletes, and the aspiration of the Asian people for peace, friendship and progress."

President Hu Jintao lit the main torch at the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest.

He then passed it to the first torch bearer Zhang Lin, the first Chinese male swimmer to win a world title.

15 others are also participating in today's Beijing leg. A total of 2010 torch bearers will carry the flame.

The route goes through three northeast cities: Changchun, Harbin and Haiyang, as well as around Guangdong province. On November 12th, the relay will conclude in Guangzhou with the lighting of the Asian Games Cauldron at the opening ceremony.

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Asian Games to open in Guangzhou

by NHK WORLD (Nov. 11, 2010)
The 2010 Asian Games open in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou on Friday.

The sports meet, held every 4 years, is drawing about 14,000 athletes and officials from 45 countries and territories in Asia. The athletes will compete in 42 events, including soccer matches that are already underway.

The opening ceremony will begin at 8 PM, local time, at Haixinsha Citizen Square on the Pearl River, which runs through the city.

Japan has sent top athletes to many of the events at the Games with an eye on the 2012 London Olympics.

Badminton player Reiko Shiota will bear the Japanese flag at the ceremony. The Japanese team will march into the stadium as the 13th country.

The Japanese team leader, Noriyuki Ichihara, says Japan aims to finish in 2nd place in the number of gold medals, outnumbering South Korea that grabbed that position last time.

The Asian Games will open amid a strained relationship between Japan and China following the September collision by a Chinese trawler with Japanese patrol boats near Japan's Senkaku Islands, claimed by China and Taiwan.

On Monday, a soccer match between Japan and China was held amid tight security and ended without major trouble. Japan's Consulate General in Guangzhou is urging Japanese athletes and visitors to exercise caution for the remainder of the Games.

Roller Sports : November 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th. (Four Days)

Day 1 (Speed) : Tuesday, 23 November Results

9:00 - Women's 300m Time-Trail Race
  1. An Yi Seul (KOR) 26.870
  2. Zang Yinglu (CHN) 26.893
  3. Li Wenwen (CHN) 27.362

  4. Nachi Shinozuka (JPN) DNS, 棄権

9:35 - Men's 300m Time-Trail Race
  1. Sung Ching Yang (TPE) 24.777
  2. Lo Wei Lin (TPE) 25.026
  3. Jang Su Chul (KOR) 25.267

15:00 - Women's 500m Sprint Heats
15:20 - Men's 500m Sprint Heats

15:45 - Women's 500m Sprint Final Race
  1. Huang Yu Ting (TPE) 44.850
  2. An Yi Seul (KOR) 44.885
  3. Zang Yinglu (CHN) 45.053
  4. Lim Jin Seon (KOR) 45.501
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15:55 - Men's 500m Sprint Final Race
  1. Sung Ching Yang (TPE) 41.440
  2. Lo Wei Lin (TPE) 41.447
  3. Eum Han Jun (KOR) 41.927
  4. Jang Su Chul (KOR) 42.359

Sung Ching Yang wins Asian Games 300m on Matter 168 wheels

(Nov. 23, 2010)
Guangzhou, November 23 - Sung Ching Yang (宋青陽) of Chinese Taipei won the gold medal in Men's 300m Time-trial Race of Roller Sports with a total time of 24.777 seconds and the gold medal in Men's 500m Sprint Race of Roller Sports with a total time of 41.440 seconds at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou on November 23.

Matter 168 wheels are conquering Asia. Sung Ching Yang (TPE) wins gold on both 300m and 500m.

Sung Ching Yang was racing Matter 168 wheels, of which the first version was tested at Worlds in Guarne. Now the second version of these wheels is already having great success at the Asian Games. 168 is a project of Kalon Dobbin in cooperation with Matter wheels and Powerslide. For more information on 168 check out the special website .

Taipei Got 3 Gold, 2 Silver of the Roller Sports in Asian Games
Powerslide/Matter Racing: Facebook

Day 2 (Speed) : Wednesday, 24 November Results

9:00 - Women's 10000m Points Eelimination Race
  1. Woo Hyo Sook (KOR) 16:36.61 - 31p
  2. Guo Dan (CHN) 16:37.08 - 20p
  3. Pan Yi Chin (TPE) 16:36.83 - 17p
  4. Fan Chih Ling (TPE) 16:37.12 - 5p
  5. Shinozuka Nachi (JPN) 16:37.62 - 3p
  6. Li Lisha (CHN) 16:39.47 - 0p

9:00 - Men's 10000m Points Eelimination race
  1. Son Geun Seong (KOR) 15:49.61 - 26p
  2. Choi Gwang Ho (KOR) 15:49.57 - 25p
  3. Cong Siyuan (CHN) 15:53.67 - 15p
  4. Chang Chia Hao (TPE) 16:27.22 - 6p
  5. Lin Jia Jung (TPE) 16:51.65 - 4p
  6. Huo Jiaming (CHN) 16:38.70 - 2p

Asian Games: Guangzhou 2010

Hyo Sook Woo
by Alexander Bont (Nov. 24, 2010)
Here is a really sad story. Hyo Sook Woo (우효숙) of Korea is an absolute machine. She never gives up and she has won numerous world titles. Many of the Asian teams had to miss the world championships this year because the Asian games are more important to their nations. Hyo Sook is a bit superstitious and actually skates with a 4 leaf clover under the foot bed of her skates. Another thing she does before each race is to write a message on the ground in chalk to give her good luck. Before yesterdays 10k, she wrote a message to her sick grandmother to say that if she wins, she will dedicate this medal to her and that she wants nothing more than to put an Olympic Gold Medal around her grandmothers neck. The Asian games are the Olympics of inline skating to the Asian countries. A few days before Hyo Sooks first race, her grandmother passed away. Her parents and coach discussed what the best thing to do would be and they agreed not to tell Hyo Sook until after the race. Hyo Sook won the 10k and then the coach told her the bad news.
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Day 3 (Artistic) : Thursday, 25 November Results and Video New !!

14:00 - Women's Single Free Skating Program
  1. Wang Hsiao Chu (TPE) 79.6
  2. Dong Zhidou (CHN) 76.9
  3. Lin Meijiao (CHN) 75.7
  4. Li Wan Ning (TPE) 74.9
  5. Shah Aashna Rajan (IND) 67.1
  6. Panchal Avani Bhar (IND) 66.6
  7. Kim Hye Won (KOR) 55.8
  8. Back Na Young (KOR) 50.8
14:50 - Men's Single Free Skating ProgramNishiki Shingo
  1. Nishiki Shingo (JPN) 84.9
  2. Yeh Chia Chen (TPE) 81.9
  3. Yama Anup Kumar (IND) 81.6
  4. Zhao Zilong (CHN) 79.0
  5. Ming Chieh (TPE) 78.1
  6. Deng Lei (CHN) 77.9
  7. Chitikela Akhil (IND) 74.1
  8. JUNG Jae Han (KOR) 61.2
15:40 - Pairs Skating Short Program
  1. Weng Tzu Hsia/Chen Li Hsin (TPE) 79.0
  2. Lin Yawen/Tang Yunqin (CHN) 78.8
  3. Panchal Avani Bharath Kumar/Yama Anup Kumar (IND) 73.0
  4. Wang Wenxin/Deng Jinkang (CHN) 71.9
  5. Wang Szu Yu/Chien Chia Sheng (TPE) 71.8

Weng Tzu Hsia/Chen Li Hsin (TPE)

Day 4 (Artistic) : Friday, 26 November Results

13:30 - Women's Single Free Skating Long Program
  1. Wang Hsiao Chu (TPE) 247.2
  2. Dong Zhidou (CHN) 245.1
  3. Lin Meijiao (CHN) 229.2
  4. Li Wan Ning (TPE) 219.0
  5. Shan Aashna Rajan (IND) 210.6
  6. Panchal Avani Bhar (IND) 207.3
  7. Back Na Young (KOR) 173.4
  8. Kim Hye Won (KOR) 169.5

Wang Hsiao Chu (TPE)

14:40 - Men's Single Free Skating Long Program
  1. Nishiki Shingo (JPN) 253.8 (T:127.2+A:126.6)
  2. Yeh Chia Chen (TPE) 248.4 (T:125.4+A:123.0)
  3. Yama Anup Kumar (IND) 244.2
  4. Zhao Zilong (CHN) 243.6
  5. Ming Chieh (TPE) 236.4
  6. Chitikela Akhil (IND) 222.0
  7. DengLei (CHN) 222.6
  8. Jung Jae Han (KOR) 182.4

Nishiki Shingo (JPN)
Nishiki Shingo (JPN)
Shingo Nishiki of Japan wins the gold medal in Men's Single Free Skating of Roller Sports at the Guangzhou Asian Games on November 26. Yeh Chia Chen of Chinese Taipei and Anup Kumar Yama of India win the silver and bronze respectively.
Shingo Nishiki: and Facebook

15:50 - Pairs Skating Long Program
  1. Lin Yawen/Tang Yunqin (CHN) 245.4
  2. Weng Tzu Hsia/Chen Li Hsin (TPE) 237.6
  3. Wang Wenxin/Deng Jinkang (CHN) 220.2
  4. Panchal Avani Bharath Kumar/Yama Anup Kumar (IND) 222.0
  5. Wang Szu Yu/Chien Chia Sheng (TPE) 219.0
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