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3月19日までニュージーランドに滞在し、Bill Begg 氏の指導を1ヶ月間受けるというスロバキアの女子選手二人がカンタベリーで開催される Canterbury 6 Pistas Tour に参加するようです。その選手二人、Karabova と Zmijova 姉妹の事がニュースで判ったので更新します。

6 Pistas Canterbury

by Bill Begg (Feb. 14, 210)
Hi All,

Information for clubs, skaters & coaches, also those at the recent Coaching Course in Timaru. From the positive feedback, we will go ahead with the proposed 6 Track event in Canterbury, its something totally different & should be exciting racing.

Samantha Michael has confirmed her airline flights & she will be present to contest the events along with Renata Karabova & Renata Zmijova from Slovania who are both out here till the 19th March Based in Timaru for training, Karabova 22 years old placed in the top 10 in the WIC in 2009 & should be very good opposition for the N.Z. ladies, she has also raced at the European Senior Championships & a 12 th placing. Zmijova 14 years old has a lot of potential but reasonable new to skating.

We will mix grades & ensure that the skaters racing at Oceania champs are well catered for. a sharing of billits & transport can be organized. So please advise those who will need billits, or help with transport.

A $10 entry fee payable on the day, will offset towards event costs or some travel costs.

But please reply to me those likey to partake, so I can organize the grades, remembering C grade is basically learners, its an event for all and with the aim of promoting the sport & developing our skaters. As group activity & passing problems are common difficulties for many, due to lack of racing experience.

The Rollerdrome Christchurch will be the start point, with doors open from 9am & first race at 10am
  • Christchurch Rollerdrome (Event Stage 1 & 2) start 10 am Saturday the 27th February.
    • Stage 1 ( 10 am ) : A Grade 1,500, B Grade 1,000, C Grade 500 meters
    • Stage 2 : A Grade 500 meters, B Grade 500 meters C Grade 2 laps
  • Tinwald Cycle track. ( Approx 400 meters )
    • Stage 3 ( 1 pm ) : A Grade 5 laps, B Grade 3 laps, C Grade 1 lap.
  • Temuka Domain Cycle Track at Rugby oval ( Aprox 4oo meters )
    • Stage 4 ( 4 pm ) : A Grade 3 Laps, B Grade 2 Laps, C Grade 1 lap.
  • Timaru Bank Track (Stage 5, 6 & 7) 6.30 pm.
    • Stage 5 : A Grade 500 Meter Sprint, Grade 500 Meter sprint, C Grade 1 lap.
    • Stage 6 : A Grade 6 laps, B Grade 4 Laps, c Grade 2 laps Steeplechase Obstacle race.
    • Stage 7 : A Grade 5,000, B Grade 3,000 & C Grade 1,000 meters Points races.
  • Caledonian Grounds Cycle track. 9am Sunday 28th February Aprox 333 meters.
    • Stage 8 : A Grade, B Grade & C Grade All a 1 lap flying ( Rolling Start )Time trial
  • Waimate Cycling Track (Stage 9 & 10) 11.30am Sunday 28th February
    • Stage 9 : 400 meters opposite direction All A, B & C Grade.
    • Stage 10 : A Grade 12 laps B Grade 8 laps C Grade 3 laps
( each point in the overall after stage 9 is equal to 2 meters back start) 50 pts = 100 m Plus the race distance, as an example.

Points for each of the 10 stages, each skater can drop their worst performance & best 9 stages determine overall winners.
  • 1st 12 points each stage.
  • 2nd 9 points each stage.
  • 3rd 7 points each stage.
  • 4th 5 points each stage.
  • 5th 4
  • 6th 3
  • 7th 2
  • 8th 1
This is a protional event for skaters to gain race experience & expose out sport on a wide front.

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Slovakian inline skaters choose Timaru to train

by Stu Piddington (Fe. 18, 2010)
Two Slovakian inline skaters have travelled half way around the world to be coached in Timaru.

SLOVAKIAN SKATERS: Renata Karabova (left) and Renata Zmijova are keen to improve their style and stamina under the watchful eye of Timaru's international coach Bill Begg.

Renata Karabova is Slovakia's top skater and the 22-year-old has brought 14-year-old Renata Zmijova with her for the experience.

They will be under the tutorage of renowned international coach Bill Begg and use the Caroline Bay skating rink as their base for the month-long visit.

Karabova finished 10th overall in the World Inline Cup, with a best individual placing of seventh in Rennes WIC, France.

Begg is renowned for his technical experience, having coached a host of countries, so the pair are keen to improve their styles.

Karabova has raced once against Begg's daughter Nicole, a double world champion, and is keen to spend some time with her as well.

"I want to go home a better skater," she said.

Karabova, who is studying sport at the Univerzita Paula Josezefa Safarika, said there was increasing interest in inline skating in her country.

Fluent in English, she is also keen to see as much of the South Island as possible during their stay.

Originally it was hoped both skaters could compete in last month's Tour of Timaru but unfortunately that was not possible.

Instead they will get an opportunity to see Canterbury up close in the two-day Six Pistas Tour that will see the skaters race in the Rollerdrome in Christchurch, Tinwald, the Temuka Domain, Caroline Bay, Timaru's Caledonian Grounds and the Waimate cycle track.

Begg said it was great the pair could make it to Timaru and he hoped to eventually set up a international skating school in Timaru that would operate in the European off-season.

"The track would need to be replaced but we have a strong club now with willing workers."

While the focus was often on his daughter, Begg said the interest in inline skating was growing in South Canterbury.

"At the weekend we had 42 kids at the learn-to-skate and 18 speedskaters working, which is great. Cheryl (Begg's wife) is also in discussions with four schools about running a skating programme and we supply the skates." Slovakian inline skaters choose Timaru to train
Renata Renka Karabova: Photos and Facebook

Day-1 6 Pista's now 5 Results.

(Feb. 27, 2010)
Hi Skaters

Great weather & great racing as a number of skaters took advantage of the competition prior to the Oceana Championships, with the two skaters from Slovakia Renata Karabova & Renata Mia Zmijova over in Timaru for a months coaching

In the International open grade the wins were split between Nicole & Wayne Begg from Timaru & Wellington s Antony Nalder, in some very close lunge finishers.

The Junior was totally dominated by the classy Miguel Porteous from Christchurch, with fellow club members Ruby Ellis & Maddison Hutton putting in good performances, Nathan Henderson Timaru & Breigh Sample Woodbury were the best of thr rest.

In the novice grade Scott Henderson & Leah McDonald Timaru shared the victories, with Nicole Grigg from Christchurch wer consistant, the final 3 stages will be at the Caledonian Cycle track in Timaru & the Waimate cycle track, with the worst result of the points in the 10 stages able to be taken out of the overall.

International Grade

1,500 meters Rollerdrome Bank Track
  1. Nicole Begg (Timaru)
  2. Antony Nalder (Wellington)
  3. Wayne Begg (Timaru)
  4. Samantha Michael (Palmerston North)
  5. Mark McDonald (Christchurch)
  6. Brett MaCormack (Dunedin)
  7. Renata Karabova (Slovakia)
  8. Teagan Roffe (Palmerston North)
500 Sprint Rollerdrome Men
  1. Wayne Begg
  2. Antony Nalder
  3. Mark McDonald
  4. Brett MaCormack
500 Sprint Rollerdrome Bank Track
  1. Nicole Begg
  2. Samantha Michael
  3. Renata Karabova
  4. Teagan Roffe
  5. Chloe Manning Nelson
  6. Emily Van Der Heyden Waimate
  7. Dahna Pent Timaru
  8. Renata Mia Zmijova Slovakia
5.000 Points Timaru Bank Track
  1. Nicole Begg
  2. Antony Nalder
  3. Samantha Michael
  4. Wayne Begg
  5. Brett MaCormack
  6. Renata Karabova
  7. Teagan Roffe
  8. Chloe Manning
500 Meters Timaru Bank Track Men
  1. Wayne Begg
  2. Antony Nalder
  3. Brett MaCormack
  4. Jonathan Swindells Dunedin
500 Meters Timaru Bank Track Ladies
  1. Nicole Begg
  2. Samantha Michael
  3. Renata Karabova
  4. Teagan Roffe
  5. Chloe Manning
  6. Emily Van Der Heyden
  7. Dahna Pebty
  8. Renata Mia Zimijova
1,200 Meters Steeple Chase Timaru Track.
  1. Antony Nalder
  2. Nicole Begg
  3. Samantha Michael
  4. Brett MaCormack
  5. Renata Karabova
  6. Teagan Roffe
  7. Chloe Manning
  8. Emily Van Der Heyden
2,000 meters Tinwald Cycle Track
  1. Wayne Begg
  2. Antony Nalder
  3. Nicole Begg
  4. Samantha Michael
  5. Mark McDonald
  6. Brett MaCormack
  7. Teagan Roffe
  8. Renata Karabova
1,200 Meters Tinwald Cycle track.
  1. Antony Nalder
  2. Nicole Begg
  3. Wayne Begg
  4. Samantha Michael
  5. Brett MaCormack
  6. Mark McDonald
  7. Teagan Roffe
  8. Renata Karabova

Antony Nalder takes out the 5 Pista series, with 3 wins in the last 3 stages Today a Flying 400 meters Time Trial in 33.51 from Nicole Begg 35.33 & a suprise with master skater Brett MaCormack 3rd Fastest in 36.47 sec.

The 400 meters in the opposite direction on the Waimate Cycle track Saw McCormack slip the field 200 meters out & Nalder & Begg close him down in the Finish straight, with Nalder getting the win & just Holding Nicole Begg out at the finish.

In the 5,000 meter last stage at Waimate, in the combined International field every point gained in the first 9 stages represented 2 meters distance added,
with Nicole Begg 216 meters & Antony Nalder 198 meters Samantha Michael 158 meters, Renata Karabova from Slovakia 122 meters & Brett MaCormack 122 meters the middle & Back Markers.
Midway Through a front bunch of 5 had formed Including the Palmerston North Pair of Teagan Roffe & Samantha Michael, Wellingtonian Antony Nalder, Dunedin's Brett McCormack & Nicole Begg, Nalder got a close decision over Begg to wind up the last day with 3 wins.

In the Junior Grade Miguel Porteous Christchurch & Ruby Ellis were outstanding, with Maddisson Hutton Christchurch also prominent, While Nathan Henderson, Breigh Sample & Analise Le Roy were the best of the local skaters.

While in the Novice grade Leah McDonald was impressive, Scott Henderson had a fall at Tinwald which proved costly & Nicole Grigg Christchurch done well, but missed the 3 Sunday events, but in James Davidson we saw the potential for a future Time Trial sprint champ, in the 1,200 last race, he set up the win, with a lightning first lap, having a 85 meter head start on the back marker Leah McDonald and somehow he managed to hang on for a win..


Overall International Grade.

  1. Antony Nalder (Wellington) 102 pts
  2. Brett MaCormack (Dunedin) 67 pts
  3. Wayne Begg (Timaru) 63 pts
  4. Mark MCDonald (Christchurch) 26 pts
  5. Jonathan Ewindells (Dunedin) 10 pts
  1. Nicole Begg (Timaru) 108 pts
  2. Samantha Michael (Palmerston North) 81 pts
  3. Renata Karabova (Slovakia) 61 pts
  4. Teagan Roffe (Palmerston North) 51 pts
  5. Chloe Manning (Nelson) 36 pts
  6. Emily Van der Heyden (Waimate) 24 pts
  7. Renata Mia Zimajova (Slovakia) 21 pts
  8. Dahna Penty (Timaru) 13 pts
Junior Overall
  1. Miguel Porteous (Christchurch) 84 pts
  2. Ruby Ellis (Christchurch) 84 pts
  3. Nathan Henderson (Timaru) 64 pts
  4. Breigh Sample (Woodbury) 48 pts
  5. Maddison Hutton (Christchurch) 44 pts
  6. Analise Le Roy (Timaru) 34 pts
  7. Nick Frame (Timaru) 20 pts
  8. Olivia Hutton (Christchurch) 10 pts
  9. Mark MaCormack (Dunedin) 9 pts
  10. Emma Grigg (Christchurch) 5 pts
  11. Matthew Grigg (Christchurch) 4 pts
  12. Sophie Lowen (Timaru) 2 pts
  13. Guy McDonald (Timaru)
  1. Leah McDonald (Timaru) 95 pts
  2. Scott Henderson (Timaru) 76 pts
  3. James Davidson (Timaru) 56 pts
  4. Nicole Grigg 'Christchurch) 53 pts
  5. Keaton Swindells (Dunedin) 27 pts
  6. Charlotte Grant (Timaru) 25 pts
  7. Bodine Brown (Timaru) 20 pts
  8. Michieal Van Heyningen (Christchurch) 8 pts
  9. Coughan Brown (Timaru) 6 pts


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