Luigino Ultra Challenge 2010

Joey Mantia と言う巨大な広告塔が去ったあと、前面に Michael Cheek を押し出した Luigino ですが、やはり注目度は落ちています。ようやく2010年春から販売するフラグシップモデル Ultra Challenge が発表されました。BONT Vyper のようにカフが高く、足首をベルクロで絞めるデザインに成っています。

100% Satisfaction Guarantee also applies to our Victory boot.

Introducing the Luigino Challenge

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

At Luigino Racing we stand behind our flagship boot, the Luigino Challenge. So much so in fact, we are happy to extend this guarantee to our custumers; If for any reason you are unhappy with the fit, performance, wear or workmanship of your Challenge boot,return them within 30 days of the date of purchase and Luigino Racing will either exchange for a boot that better suits your needs or, refund your money (less shipping and handling.)

Yes, it's that simple.
The 2010 Luigino ULTRA CHALLENGE is coming! Featuring AquaTech, ProBack & BFT technologies, this is the NEW Luigino flagship boot! Available April 2010!

SkateLog Forum: I got my New Ultra Challenge today ... (Jun. 10, 2010)

BFT™ - Barefoot Technology

BFT™ - Barefoot TechnologyThe revolutionary BFT speed skating shoes are based on a 'Natural Fit' philosophy that positions the foot naturally, the way mother nature intended it to. The human locomotion system has developed over thousands of years, and requires the utmost support and control in order take pleasure in speed skating. This is why BFT motion control is so important. Over time, the natural fit helps support the muscular system to reach your optimal performance. This unique shape gives you the ultimate in comfort and stability.

BFT™ features:
Anatomically shaped to the foot, semi flat arch, motion control.

BFT™ benefits:
Your foot seamlessly becomes one with your boot, giving you unrivaled comfort and support, while ensuring positive energy transfer.

Barefoot Technology is found exclusively in the Luigino Ultra Challenge, Challenge, Victory, Maple short track & long track models and Rollerblade’s new Racemachine Pro LE model, and WILL NOT be found anywhere else, by any other company.

BFT™ Technology shown. Notice natural shape and roominess of toe-box area.

Same foot overlaid on an 'industry standard' boot WITHOUT BFT™ Technology. Nowhere for the toes to go except to SQUEEZE in!

BFT™, just another way Luigino Racing is driving innovation and bringing greater peace of mind.

Pro Back™ Technology

Pro Back™ TechnologyLuigino Racing is proud to introduce Pro Back™, another breakthrough in standard shoe technology, further confirming our commitment to deliver high-performance, top quality speed skating shoes around the world.

Pro Back™ Technology utilizes molded, pre-shaped LATEX FOAM strategically placed in the tendon area for the most secure fit ever. Pro Back™ holds your foot tight in all the right places. Without changing the size of the shoe, Pro Back™ allows speed skating shoes to fit tighter with more comfort than previously possible.

Pro Back™ features:
  • Molded, pre-shaped Latex that lasts the life of the shoe
  • Best fitting heel & tendon area in the industry
  • Improved overall fit
Pro Back™ benefits:
  • Better overall performance, quicker response, greater power transfer
  • More comfort and longer lasting due to snug tendon and heel area
Pro Back™, just another way Luigino Racing is driving innovation and bringing greater peace of mind.

Pro Back™ shown in heel area of the new 2010 Victory boot.

Luigino Racing Introduces AquaTech Heat Molding System

AquaTech Heat Molding SystemLuigino has once again raised the bar by making innovation in standard shoes the center of attention; investing time, resources and energy in closing the gap between standard and custom fitted shoes. The result is the AquaTech™ Heat Molding System! Here’s how it works:

For the first time ever, speed skating shoes can be molded in hot water. This system is thorough; eliminating hot and cold spots ensuring a perfect molding technique not possible with other products. AquaTech™ is used in both the upper and shell construction of Luigino’s 2010 Ultra Challenge, Challenge, Victory, Sting and Attitude shoes. AquaTech™ increases shell stiffness, longevity, and moldability from your arch to the top of your ankle. This hi-tech total molding solution is more attainable in BFT ™ products; an absolute Luigino exclusive. BFT ™ is a production process which is entrusted to computers but always under the final control of man and the guaranteed end result is maximum perfection and reliability. One of the brands currently being produced and enjoying great success utilizing the combination of BFT ™ technology and the AquaTech™ system is Maple short track and long track speed skating shoes.

AquaTech™ Heat Molding System features:
  • Hot water molding/oven molding/heat gun molding
  • Stiffer, Stronger
  • More moldable, better fit
  • Longer lasting, repeat molding
  • Moldable upper
  • Moldable arch area
AquaTech™ Heat Molding System benefits:
  • No more over heating or under heating, get it perfect every time
  • Maximum control with molded shell and upper
  • No heel movement for maximum performance and comfort
  • Maximum support
AquaTech™, just another way Luigino Racing is driving innovation and bringing greater peace of mind.

Atom Wheels – iQ + Radial Spine Ring Technology

iQ + Radial Spine Ring TechnologyOne of the distinct characteristics of Atom Wheels is our dedication to research and innovation. In fact, our leading objective is to create products that consistently push the boundaries of innovation to achieve speeds faster tomorrow than today. We've also pressed ahead on the path of new technologies with a state-of-the-art, integrated spine ring, making Atom the first 4 component inline wheel in history!

Radial Spine Ring is a revolutionary system in inline wheel manufacturing. Combine Radial Spine Ring with iQ Technology and you have the most sophisticated wheel to ever reach the mass market.

iQ + Radial Spine Ring more uniformly distributes pressure and stress over the contact patch, which allows the wheel to heat up quicker and also avoids overheating in high-stress situations, such as on track.
  1. iQ Ring: A poured urethane ring that acts as a posi-traction system allowing you to feel an unprecedented amount of energy throughout the entire push.
  2. Radial Spine Ring: Patent protected technology providing structure to the iQ Ring allowing harder outer urethane and a softer iQ ring.
  3. Hollow Cavity Technology (HCT): Patent protected technology providing structure to the iQ Ring allowing harder outer urethane and a softer iQ ring.
  4. Back Bone: Atom did reverse engineering compared to the standard. Leaving room for the HCT, the backbone is positioned downward toward the center of the wheel. Atom Backbone contributes to the most secure and true wheel available.
  5. Reflex Core: Atom Wheels engineered the Reflex Core with iQ Technology in mind. Although this core has already won numerous National, World Championship and World Inline Cup titles it has always been our objective to push even further to perfect iQ Technology. Our course of action has been thorough and precise.

No compound at all would allow itself this level of performance: the key of grip is the entire iQ system. This is the reason why iQ ONE, iQ FLY set the new benchmark in China during the 2009 inline world championships, winning more title and breaking more world records than any other wheel.

Atom iQ™, just another way Atom Wheels is driving innovation and bringing greater peace of mind.