Quadruple Push

Skatecentral.comDouble Push (ダブルプッシュ) の次は、その2倍だから Quadruple Push (クワドループルプッシュ) になるのでしょうか、Eddy Metzger氏が The NorthShore Inline Marathon で受けたインタビューで、その Quadruple Push の事が話題になったようです。しかし生身の人間がやるのだからVHSテープの2倍速・4倍速録画のように簡単な話では無さそうです。ちょっとGoogle検索してみましたが・・・これに関する記述テキストは見つかりませんでした。

なお、あまり馴染みの無い言葉 "Quadruple" の発音に関しては、こちらを参考にして「クワドループル」にしました。

Eddy Metzger on the Quadruple Push

Posted: Sep. 15, 2008
I had a chance to catch up with Legend Eddy Metzger this weekend at the Northshore Inline Marathon. Here Eddy explains why the "Double Push" is now being referred to as the "Quadruple Push". The audio is a little spotty at times.

K2 Skates News: Eddy Metzger on the Quadruple Push

Quadruple Push

What marathon skaters doesn't want another tool for speed? Eddy provides just such as tool by breaking down the double push technique (two pushes per leg) or "Quadruple Push" into a sequence of drills that can help you learn this advanced skating technique, that is unique to inline skating.
Ottawa Inline Skating Club: Sunday Morning - Quadruple Push

Double Push or Quadruple Push

by 8DoNuTs
The Quadruple Push!!!
Gosh this guy is on Roller Skate, not Inline skate!
He can really skate.
8DoNuTs: Double Push or Quadruple Push

Eddy Matzger's Northshore Inline Marathon

Eddy Matzger skated the Northshore Inline Marathon in 1:05 and finished 11th while filming the pros.