Luigino Challenge 2009

2009年モデルなのに、この Luigino Challenge 2009 ブーツを使った Joey Mantia が先日の WC gijon で金3つ銀2つ獲得したという宣伝文句が踊っています。嘘か本当か、聞くところによると Joey Mantia はカスタムでは無くストックブーツを使っての記録だそうです。スペック詳細は良く分かりませんがポテンシャルは高そうです、例の Rollerblade とコラボした来期のRollerblade+Luiginoブーツも気に成るところです。既に海外ネットで販売開始されています。

Luigino Challenge 2009
Luigino Challenge 2009
Luigino Challenge 2009
Skatingsisters3: Gijón 2008 Track day
  • Thermafiber Composite Construction
  • Barefoot Technology
  • 100% carbon fiber with Kevlar reinforced mounting area
  • Heat Moldable
  • Size 42 weighing in at 350g
  • Adjustable Toe Strap
  • SoFiber Inside Lining
  • Membrane Padding
  • Adjustable Ankle Powerstr


Challenge is our company's flagship, leaving its competitors to envy. A finely tuned inline boot, packed with pure performance.

The craftsmanship along with fit and performance of the most preferred racing boot in the world has set the standard for all others to follow. We continue to prove why we have been known as the number one boot manufacturer for over a decade. We lead the way with technology and innovation that others covet for.

Thinking custom, consider Challenge with BFT technology. No long waiting period, cost savings and we GUARANTEE complete satisfaction or your money back.
  • Size 3/35 - 13/45
  • 165 Mnt sizes 3/35 - 4/36
  • 195 Mnt sizes 5/37 - 13/45
  • Slide mounting (Horizontal)
  • Replaceable Mounting Nuts
  • 7075 Alloy mounting blocks
  • Weight 341g (size 41)

B.F.TLuigino Racing introduces the ALL NEW Barefoot Technology (B.F.T.), a revolutionary profile that fits to the NATURAL profile of your foot. This unique shape will give you the ultimate in fit, comfort, stability, and performance, WE GUARANTEE IT!! B.F.T. Features: Anatomically shaped to the foot, pre-formed heel-cup & tendon area, semi flat arch (similar to a custom boot). Benefits: Your foot seamlessly becomes one with your boot, giving you unrivaled comfort and support, while ensuring positive energy transfer, from your skates to the floor or the road. Barefoot Technology is found exclusively in the Luigino Challenge and Victory models, and WILL NOT be found anywhere else, by any other company.

THERMAFIBERTHERMAFIBER Composite Construction by Luigino has set a new standard in the evolution of highperformance speed skating equipment. This ALL NEW patent pending technology allows for a significant weight reduction,
while increasing the shell strength and rigidity by 5x the amount of standard industry shells. This new THERMAFIBER technology is proprietary, and will only be found in the 2009 Luigino boots including the Rollerblade® Race Machine LE (by Luigino).

Challeng '09Challenge continues to be our company flagship. We have packed the ’09 model with more technical benefits than our ’06 & ’07 combined. It has taken more than a year to reach this mark, but the outcome has made it well worth it. Challenge ’09 is not full of fluff and powder puff substances. This piece of equipment is raw performance, loaded from the inside out. Once it’s on the foot, you’ll view it as the most stunning and elegant inline race boot ever. We are so certain of our barefoot technology that we offer a limited warranty, heel to toe for one year on our new Challenge model. This offer is valid through all our distributors and dealers worldwide. Taking it even further, we guarantee the 09 Challenge to fit and perform or your money back.
Speed Skating Forum: A thought about the 2009 Challenge... (Barefoot Skating) and 2009 challenge

Luigino Attitude 2009

  • Composite Glass
  • Neoprene Lining
  • Slide mounting system for perfect frame adjustment
  • Buckle support with easy replacement
  • Power Strap for increased ankle control
  • Heat-moldable
  • List Price: $249.99-

  • Luigino Sting 2009


    • Fully heat-moldable
    • Soft Toe Box
    • 165 mounting sizes - 34/1-37/4
    • 195 mounting sizes - 38/5-46/13
    • Ankle Powerstrap
    • Micro adjustable buckle
    • Buckle protector
  • Neoprene lining
  • Neoprene ankle padding
  • Replaceable mounting nut
  • Horizontal sliding mount
  • Waxed Laces
  • High-Tech Performance Synthetic Upper
  • List Price: $349.99-

  • Luigino Victory 2009

    • Fully heat-moldable
    • Carbon fiber shell
    • 195 mounting sizes - 38/5-46/13
    • Ankle Powerstrap
    • Micro adjustable buckle
  • Buckle protector
  • BareFoot technology
  • Replaceable, Horizontal sliding mounting nut
  • Waxed Laces
  • Thermafiber Technology
  • List Price: $499.99-
  • My New Luigino Challenges - impressions etc

    (Apr. 26, 2009)
    I've got a number of skaters on the '09 challenge. Here's what I've seen so far:
    1. The straps break at the fixed-end. Order and carry spares.
    2. They're super low-cut. Don't buy these if your ankles aren't very strong.
    3. The strap attachment point is weak and vulnerable to impact damage, and if broken is difficult to repair as it's perminantly sewn in under a plastic piece. I've seen two break so far.
    4. Like all luigino/powerslide lasts, this one is a wide fit and has a tall arch. If you have narrow and/or flat feet, these arent the boots for you.
    Other than that, they're basically great boots, and clearly an improvement on the older models.
    SkateLog Forum: My New Luigino Challenges - impressions etc/a>


    luigino sting
    2013年09月04日 17:23
    Hi do you sell the luigino sting how much including postage to the uk
    Uk size 5
    Yukio Masuda
    2013年09月05日 00:29
    I am not retailer. Sorry.