Barcelona Skates - S.A.T.

過去の Barcelona が消滅した後、バルセロナ市内のグループスケートを引き継いだ組織が分かりません。このS.A.T.のホームページを見ると Friday Skates と Sunday Skates は大人しいようですが、Thursday Skates は30人強で標高差300~500mのルート30kmほどすべり、Tuesday Skates は少人数で、よりハードに標高差300~700mの40kmを短時間で走破するなど、街中を滑るグループとしてはハードなようです。紹介するビデオは Special の Routes for Montjuic の Downhill Skate だと思います。ビジターにはルートの先が暗くて見えないのでリスキーな気がしますが、結構、坂が長く続いている感じで、気持ちよさそうです。

Skate in Barcelona. There are some that have a high level (Thursday and Tuesday, a little but those of martes),otras very high level (special), others from half level to high those of weekend and other half level (those of Friday and Sunday). In total there are some 216 routes where 89 main routes and 138 variants are described.
Special routes of Skates for Barcelona - Barcelona Skates
Barcelona Skates - S.A.T.
Downhill skate inline Montjuic

by Miguelalonsofischer: dailymotion or YouTube
The Route Maps of the Hilly Montjuic Skating.
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Mapa Montjuic4 width=Mapa Montjuic5Mapa Montjuic6
It is the final section of the classic route but that is held at Thursday Night Skate organized by the SAT.
Barcelona Skates - S.A.T

The Route of Thursday SAT

The Thursday skates is organized by SAT. And it's on air in the TV program of Quatro for one of the new activities in the city. (Posted: December 16, 2007)